LUMINA Autism Center in Alpharetta

LUMINA Autism Center is a private ABA/VB (Applied Behavior Analysis/ Verbal Behavior) therapy clinic, passionate about enhancing the life quality for the families of children with special needs since 2012. Using the principles and science of Applied Behavior Analysis, we help families create and foster in their children a natural desire for lifetime of learning. We strive not only to light up the spark of learning but ignite it!

We currently offer our services in the Metro Atlanta area, GA. We focus on early intervention and serve children with autism and other disabilities.

We are making it our mission to unlock the possibilities for each child with special needs by empowering families with effective, efficient and ethical behavioral services. Interventions are scientifically proven, following the principles and science of Applied Behavior Analysis and Skinner’s Verbal Behavior approach to developing language skills. Our programs use the power of motivation and reinforcement to gain instructional control and spark the light of learning.

Thank you for considering LUMINA Autism Center as your partner in your child’s journey towards a lifetime of learning.

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