ABA/VB therapy is currently offered at our center and includes 1:1 instruction with programming designed based on ABLLS-R Assessment (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills- Revised). Initial ABLLS-R assessment is followed by six months progress report as well as annual updates of the ABLLS-R. Therapy hours are scheduled based on our availability any time between 8am to 7pm (Monday thru Friday). Weekend appointments are reserved for make up sessions and initial assessments.

Instruction is delivered in an one-on-one format and what might look like play is highly intensive teaching that captures and maximizes learning opportunities to address communication, academics, social and play skills. Clinic sessions are planned to follow the goals specifically developed for your child’s needs.

ABLLS-R assessment is used to establish and implement an ABA/VB program during clinic hours. Data is collected and graphed every session to monitor and analyze progress. Programs and/or teaching protocols are modified as needed. Clinic sessions end with parent discussion to ensure treatment integrity and generalization of skills at home.