Family Educational Training

Focuses on giving families of children with special needs hands on strategies to carry out at home, community and everyday life. Topics include:

  1. Managing challenging behavior
  2. Using motivation and reinforcement to keep children engaged in functional activities
  3. Daily living life skills
  4. Using ABLLS-R assessment to write and implement IEP goals

Staff Educational Workshops

The staff educational workshops are created and delivered with the provider’s needs in mind. We want to reach out to other providers within our community, especially those who directly or indirectly interact with children with special needs.

It is important to understand the impact the environmental variables have on behavior. Proper procedures involving antecedents and consequences, motivation and reinforcement, along with control of the environmental variables maximize learning time with each session while reducing maladaptive behaviors.

Workshops are created for OT/ST/PT clinicians, schools, day cares, after-school  and extra-curricular programs.

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