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About Us


We want to shape a world where neurodiversity is embraced, respected and valued.


Individuals with autism and other exceptionalities should be supported and encouraged to achieve more than “their full potential”. No one knows what that full potential is and our community should continue to foster learning environments where neurodiversity thrives.


We help families thrive and live happier lives.


We believe in effective, efficient and ethical behavioral treatment. We use evidence-based interventions, following the principles and science of Applied Behavior Analysis and Skinner’s verbal behavior approach to developing language skills. Our programs use the power of motivation and reinforcement to foster an environment that is fun, engaging and abundant of successful learning opportunities.


Our services are family focused and we are proud to share and support our families’ journey with knowledge, resources, accurate information and exceptional services that change lives for the better.


Beauty: Neurodiversity is beautiful! As Dr. Temple Grandin stated:

“The world needs all kinds of minds.”


Patience: We take the time to carefully assess, design, implement and readjust treatment interventions that set up our learners for success. The journey might be a long one but we are here to celebrate every small step along the way and learn from the setbacks.


Tranquility: Our families’ lives will get better because we empowered them with quality training and resources on how to use the science of applied behavior analysis principles to understand and help their child thrive.

About Lumina Autism Center

LUMINA Autism Center in Alpharetta

LUMINA Autism Center is a private ABA/VB (Applied Behavior Analysis/ Verbal Behavior) therapy clinic, passionate about enhancing the life quality for the families of children with special needs since 2012. Using the principles and science of Applied Behavior Analysis, we help families create and foster in their children a natural desire for lifetime of learning. We strive not only to light up the spark of learning but ignite it!


We currently offer our services in the Metro Atlanta area, GA. We focus on early intervention and serve children with autism and other disabilities.


We are making it our mission to unlock the possibilities for each child with special needs by empowering families with effective, efficient and ethical behavioral services. Interventions are scientifically proven, following the principles and science of Applied Behavior Analysis and Skinner’s Verbal Behavior approach to developing language skills. Our programs use the power of motivation and reinforcement to gain instructional control and spark the light of learning.


Thank you for considering LUMINA Autism Center as your partner in your child’s journey towards a lifetime of learning.


Simona-Daniela Akcin, MBA, BCBA

Founder, Clinical Director

Mrs. Akcin is our founder and Clinical Director for Lumina Autism Center. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and parent of an autistic teen with more than 15 years of experience navigating the maze of special education services and therapeutic treatments for children and teens with an autism spectrum disorder.

Tecoya Mahan, RBT

Senior ABA Therapist

Ms. Tecoya is an outstanding professional! She loves to be challenged and has a passion for helping our clients succeed every step of the way with tremendous patience and caring personality.

Wetchire Tchedre-san

Behavior Therapist

Wetchire Tchedre-san is a Nature’s force of fire, air, earth and water. She is compassionate and patient while challenging her students with their next learning goals. Her love for nature inspires her hands on teaching with creative and innovative materials.

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