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Our Expertise

•   ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)

•   Functional behavioral assessment

•   ABLLS-R and VB-MAPP Assessments

•   1:1 Center-based ABA/VB therapy

•   School consultations

•   IEP planning

•   Parent training

•   Provider workshops

•   Clinical supervision

•   Educational Services

•   Social Skills Classes

•   Potty Training

•   Feeding

•   Challenging Behavior Problems

•   Sleep Disturbances

•   Community and Vocational Skills


Clinic Based 1:1 ABA/VB Therapy

ABA/VB therapy is currently offered at our center and includes 1:1 instruction with programming designed based on ABLLS-R Assessment (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills- Revised). Initial ABLLS-R assessment is followed by six months progress report as well as annual updates of the ABLLS-R. Therapy hours are scheduled based on our availability any time between 8am to 7pm (Monday thru Friday). Weekend appointments are reserved for make up sessions and initial assessments.


Instruction is delivered in an one-on-one format and what might look like play is highly intensive teaching that captures and maximizes learning opportunities to address communication, academics, social and play skills. Clinic sessions are planned to follow the goals specifically developed for your child’s needs.


ABLLS-R assessment is used to establish and implement an ABA/VB program during clinic hours. Data is collected and graphed every session to monitor and analyze progress. Programs and/or teaching protocols are modified as needed. Clinic sessions end with parent discussion to ensure treatment integrity and generalization of skills at home.


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Are clinic based, delivered at our Alpharetta location: 12725 Century Dr., Alpharetta, GA 30005.


We offer Intensive, one-on-one ABA therapy for children with autism and other exceptionalities.


Cater to young children, preteens and teens with ages between 15 months and 15 years old.


Offered in hourly blocks of 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 hours per week.


Treatment intensity follow an hourly block schedule as recommended by the BCBA and based on the clients’ needs and availability for service.


Assessments may include VB-MAPP (Verbal Behavior Milestones and Placement Program), ABLLS-R (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills), AFLS protocols, (Assessment of Functional Living Skills), FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment)


Social skill groups are created to provide a supportive and encouraging environment where your child can learn how to relate to others and how to understand how emotions are communicated.


We believe in the power of a strong care team fostered by open and effective collaboration; we provide instruction, guidance, and support for your child’s unique social, behavioral, sensory and communication needs across providers and learning environments.


Our intensive therapy model allows for block scheduling of therapy hours during the AM or PM time windows as it follows:


AM Schedule

















PM Schedule




12:00pm-3:00pm or

















BCBA, BCaBA Supervision


Feel free to contact LUMINA Autism Center with any questions you have regarding our supervision program. We are glad you are on the path of becoming an excellent professional in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and we share your excitement about learning. We look forward to answer any question you might have about the process of becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Workshop & Training

Family Educational Training


Focuses on giving families of children with special needs hands on strategies to carry out at home, community and everyday life. Topics include:


  1. Managing challenging behavior

  2. Using motivation and reinforcement to keep children engaged in functional activities

  3. Daily living life skills

  4. Using ABLLS-R assessment to write and implement IEP goals


Staff Educational Workshops


The staff educational workshops are created and delivered with the provider’s needs in mind. We want to reach out to other providers within our community, especially those who directly or indirectly interact with children with special needs.


It is important to understand the impact the environmental variables have on behavior. Proper procedures involving antecedents and consequences, motivation and reinforcement, along with control of the environmental variables maximize learning time with each session while reducing maladaptive behaviors.


Workshops are created for OT/ST/PT clinicians, schools, day cares, after-school  and extra-curricular programs.

Other Services

LUMINA Autism Center wants to support and give back to the families of children with special needs. We are happy to offer our center as the location for different events our families might want to organize. Such events include birthday parties, play dates, parents night out, movie night, etc…

Events can be organized on Friday evening, Saturdays or Sundays. We would like to offer peace of mind, flexibility and affordability. Call us with the details of the event and we’ll try to work with each family to make it happen. Events are subject to schedule availability and space limits imposed by our 4600 square feet facility.