Treatment Model - Lumina Autism Center
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Treatment Model

•   Focused on Intensive one on one ABA treatment that systematically applies defined, measured, and strategic interventions to help your child learn and improve socially significant behaviors across various situations, people and settings.


•   Specializes in the Verbal Behavior Approach to treatment, Discrete Trial Training, Pivotal Response Training, Natural Environmental Teaching as well as Incidental Teaching.


•   May include treatment goals such as skill acquisition and maladaptive behavior reduction objectives such as: increasing language and communication skills, imitation skills, fine motor and gross motor tasks; visual performance tasks like matching, puzzles, block designs and patterns; increasing positive, desirable behavior patterns, teaching self-control and self-monitoring; analyze conditions that bring about challenging behaviors and manipulate environmental conditions (antecedents and consequences) to foster and maintain a safe environment where our learner is happy, content and a willing participant in our interactions.


•   Socially significant behaviors may include social skills, communication, adaptive living skills (like gross and fine motor skills, eating, toileting, dressing, and self-care), as well as other community-based skills such as participating in adaptive gym classes at the local YMCA


•   The clinic is designed to give your child more intensive learning opportunities beyond the services he or she receives at school, in the home or in the community.


•   We strive to create a happy, engaged, relaxed and trusting relationship with our learners. We want them to be a willing participant in our interactions.


•   Our learners have a choice to say “No” and refuse instructions! We take the time to pair with them, find unique and interesting materials while teaching at their own pace.


•   Board-certified behavioral analysts (BCBAs) assess your child, work with your family to set goals, and create a plan based on the child’s unique interests and abilities. The team evaluates your child’s progress and makes changes when needed, quarterly and every six months.


•   Each day, your child will rotate through a structured environment to learn new skills and build on existing skill sets. A trained clinician is by your child’s side, striving to help your child find his or her unique learning style. Your child’s plan will be overseen by a BCBA who evaluates his or her progress and realigns goals as needed.


•   Our clients are regularly taken into the community to practice their skills and develop new ones by visiting the grocery stores, movie theaters, puppetry shows, pet store, parks, splashing pools, fishing, pumpkin patches, etc.


•   Our schedule is usually structured to match a typical child’s schedule at home, school and community by incorporating intensive DTT runs, circle time, science, art, music, group snack and lunch, outdoor recess, leisure and recreational activities, etc.


•   Our clients have unique opportunities to work on and develop friendships with multiple peers and instructors.